March meet the maker

Some of you may have already noticed that over on our Instagram page at the beginning of this month, only yesterday we started the month off with a post that had the hash tag #MarchMeetTheMaker. As this is our first year doing it, you may be wondering what on earth is this?! *confused expression* Worry not, here is where the explanation comes in.

This 31 day Instagram challenge was started in 2016 by designer and maker Joanne Hawker as a way to show off and appreciate all the hard work that goes into running small creative businesses. It's a great way to get a look behind the scenes and meet the people behind lots of small creative businesses!

We'll be posting a new picture every day with the hash tag #MarchMeetTheMaker to show you every part of our making process and creating life. Head over to Instagram to follow us.

There is a specific hash tag to watch out for, so make sure you're following it.


Below is a picture of what we'll be talking about on each day of this month.

At the beginning of April we'll be reflecting on the #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge and we'll put up a new blog post which will include 5 of our top favourite posts from the challenge.

So, here goes to a full 31 days of getting to know us better.

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