In this uncertain and daunting time for nearly everyone, what can you do to help Umm Simplicity (or any small business as a matter of fact)?

Many businesses have closed their doors temporarily due to commitments/ obligations of all sorts. And mainly due to the fact that sales have plummeted. This is indeed a very stressful time for many small business owners as we'll be wondering where our income will come from when we'll be able to create something again and most importantly just like everyone else we're also praying and hoping for it to be safe to go outside again.

The stark reality is that if you don't buy from us we may need to close our doors permanently and that means giving up on something we love forever... And this can have adverse effects on one's health. For Umm Simplicity not only is this business a means of making an income but also a creative outlet. Releasing your creative flow and seeing your creativity live in front of your eyes releases a chemical hormone called dopamine which makes you happy and motivates you. That's why creating anything whether it be baking a cake or making a card can get kind of addictive! And the more you're addicted to it the more you want to achieve and the better you become at your craft.

We want to continue creating and want to see others excelling at their craft too.

Please help Umm Simplicity whether it's a like/ comment on one of our social media posts, by recommending us to your family/ friends or making that small purchase it'll help us to fight through these challenging times.

Thank you.


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